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What is the capital of Australia?

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Which of these landmarks can be found in Australia?

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Which of these celebrities was not born in Australia?

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What type of animal is a Quokka?

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Australia is home to a natural landmark so large that it can be seen from space – what is it?

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Which is the biggest state in Australia?

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What year was Vegemite first sold in Australia?

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‘Chook’ is slang for which word?

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What year did Kylie Minogue leave Neighbours?

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How fast can a kangaroo travel at top speed?

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Which Australian city holds the nickname, The Silver City?

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Roughly how much of Australia is covered in vegetation?

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How long does it take to fly from Sydney to Cairns?

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What year did Australia receive TV transmission?

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How much did it cost in GBP to build the Sydney Opera House?

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